Getting Started In Chess: Introduction

Hi, I’m The Chess Dragon, the Chief creator of the Chess Dragon Academy, and in this series, I’m going to teach you five super easy ways to get you ready for playing your very first chess game.

The Board

The first is by giving you easy word games to help you remember chess rules. For example, you know your chess board is oriented correctly if you have a white square in the corner on your right. “White on your right” is all you need to remember.

The Setup

We will focus on setting up the board. This is usually scary for a beginner, but I have tricks to help you master this as well. It is as easy as remembering that the queen goes on her own color.

The Rules

A third way to get ready for your first chess game is by understanding the motion of the pieces. We will explore the nuances of how each piece moves. Using repetition and visual clues we will quickly make this second nature.

The Value

The next way you can get ready for your first chess game is by being able to quickly calculate the relative value of each piece.  You will be able to evaluate the benefits or deficiencies in exchanges with your opponents. After this, you will never exchange your rook for your opponent’s pawn. Wait did I say never? We may have to revisit this again in the future.

The Trick

The final way you can get ready for your first chess game is by learning the chess rules of thumb. For example, knights on the rim are grim. This may not make a lot of sense right now, but you will be reciting these during your game with a clear grasp of why you’re saying it.

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Thank you for reading to the end. I hope your day is blessed and your chess games sharp!

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